The Insider’s Guide to Free Keyword Tools

keyword-tool-ideasThe keyword is the basis of any digital marketing platform. If you are planning your digital marketing strategy without doing keyword research then you are completely in a wrong path. You are killing your online marketing efforts!

Keyword research is important for every business website as they drive targeted web traffic to your business. To start the keyword research you should at least know what are your primary keywords of your business. Using these primary keywords, you can do a lot more research to yield a variety of keywords or related searches for your business. It’s not always about getting visitors to your site, but getting the right kind of visitors is crucial. So free online keyword generator tools would help you a lot in finding these potential keywords specific to your business.

Let’s get started to see some free keyword tools for researching website optimization. All these tools have their unique features and great insights, so let us dive into them and see what we are going to get out of them.

AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

I have chosen the first free keyword search volume tool as the AdWords Keyword Planner tool as many of the digital marketers are already using it and the most popular among them.

To do keyword research you need to have a Google account and just create a dummy AdWords account, then go to Tools and click on the Keyword Planner.

Under Find new keywords and get search volume data you see 3 options. For now, we just go to the Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. After clicking on it now type your primary keyword of your business which I have mentioned above. As an example, I am typing my keyword as “seo services”. Before hitting Get Ideas set your target location and language.

Now you would be able to see two options as Ad Group Ideas and Keywords Ideas. For this blog post’s purpose, just go with Keywords Ideas. Now you can see a wide variety of keywords with Avg. Monthly searches, Competition and Suggest Bid. These metrics will give you a complete idea about how the keyword is useful for your business website. Are these keywords relevant, would these keywords work for you and lot more Ideas pop up in your mind. is the best alternative tool for the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool.

Keyword strategy is important for your online business. No matter if you are a business owner, digital marketer or a content writer; you need to do thorough keyword research to find relevant keywords that are actually searching by your potential customers.

To find these keywords you have to use a free keyword tool like It helps you to discover thousands of the new long-tail keywords related your product / services that you specify by automatically generating Google’s auto suggestions. The auto-suggestions will be generated based on the Google domain and language that you choose.  It extracts Google autocomplete suggestions and presents it to you in a downloadable form.

Relevant Traffic through SEO and Content Creation

If you want to drive relevant website traffic from Google or other search engines, you need to make sure that your website contains keywords that are actually searching for your customers and create content around the right keywords.

The best way to determine these keywords is by using a tool like, it helps you to find Google’s auto-suggested keywords easily and helps you to create content for your website.

By creating content around these popular keywords makes you present in front of your potential customers and making them click your ads to provide great value to your customers. In return, you are getting a higher click through rate on your ads for which Google rewards you a high ranking, as CTR is one of the major Google Ranking Factor.

Soovle – Let the web help

As we all know that Google is having the largest search engine market share among others, as a result, most of our marketing efforts would be focused towards Google. But there are search engines where we can acquire potential traffic like YouTube, Bing, Yahoo and much more.

To find contextual keywords to advertise on these different search engines, Soovle is the best place to go. For each search engine, the user intent would be different and the type of keywords they type would be different. So you need to find the keywords relevant to that search engine.

For example, if the user is looking to buy an iPhone 6s, his intent of typing in Google would be “buy iPhone 6s”; whereas if he is searching in YouTube his intent would be different and he might type as, iPhone 6s tips and tricks or an iPhone 6s Vs Samsung Galaxy etc to learn more about the product in comparison with other products.


So to get the relevant keywords for all your marketing strategies across these different search engines, Soovle is a great tool to reach out. This keyword tool you can search up to 27 search engine related keywords.

UberSuggest – Your Friendly Keyword Tool

UberSuggest is an amazing free keyword tool online that helps you to find the relevant keywords for your online business and drive traffic to your website. Using UberSuggest you can drill down the keywords from the general keywords to long tail keywords, let’s dive into the tool and see how we can generate tons of new keywords for your business.

Let’s say you have an online e-commerce business on coffee makers with grinders and now you wanted a list of keywords that you want target across your pages, website and especially for your PPC Campaigns, SEO strategy, and content marketing.

Type “coffee maker” keyword in the search box provided and hit suggest. Wait a minute to load the keywords and now you see a list of different keywords on coffee makers from A-Z and even numbers that are actually searched by users. Before using this tool, you would actually have only a few keywords in your mind and you would have targeted only those keywords. But after looking at this keyword tool you would never imagine that these keywords are existing and you can target your marketing campaigns. That’s the greatness of this tool!

The keyword data have also shown in a nice visualization with a word cloud when you click on that, you get a nice keyword cloud with the popularity of the keyword. This is another interesting option which we can look over and get more insights for our keywords.

Übersuggest Word Cloud

Now, our main targeted keyword is not “coffee maker“. Remember I said an online e-commerce business on coffee makers with grinders”. So I want the keyword with grinders in it. So go over to the keyword coffee makers with grinder and click on it, you would get 3 options as Search the keyword in Google, See the trend of the keyword in Google Trends, and expand this keyword.

Übersuggest with popup

If you want to see the trend of the keyword, click on Google trends. A pop-up will come with nice graph and trend for the last 12 months. This is a great insight whether to target this keyword or not.

Google Trends Keyword Data

And another option is expanding this keyword, click on that you would see the keywords that relevant to your online e-commerce business. Now simply click on the Download all option to save it into excel.

Übersuggest Friendly Keyword Tool

Keyword Shitter – The Bulk Keyword Tool

Keywordshitter is another great keyword research tool that you could ever find. I personally, like this tool much. This tool has an option to exclude and include the keywords that we would like to see.

Let’s say we want to get more keywords on the “coffee maker with grinder”, type in the keyword in this tool and hit Shit Keywords! As soon as you hit, it starts running the job and load loads of keywords for you. Now you see there are mostly long tail keywords which you can target for your marketing campaigns. Once you feel that the keywords are enough, then hit stop job.

Keyword Shitter

The two boxes you see on the right of your screen are Positive Filter and Negative Filter. By using these filters, you can filter out the keywords whichever you want and don’t want to be on the list.

Assume that I want keyword combinations with cup, just type the word cup in Positive Filter, and now you would be able to see the keywords that are only with CUP. You can also see the number that how many keywords have been filtered out underneath the “Download” option.

Keyword Shitter Keyword Tool

Now I wanted to filter out keywords with reviews. Just type the word review in the Negative Filter box and this tool automatically filters out the review keywords for you.

Finally, you have the option to download the keywords and save it in text format.

LSIGraph: LSI Keyword Generator

What is LSI? The acronym of LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing. It means keywords that are essentially related to the keyword that you search for on search engines such as Google, Bing and more. Knowing about LSI and implementing it as a part of your SEO strategy is crucial.

Google recommends that instead of targeting a specific keyword many times on your page, it is better to target keyword phrases that are semantically related to your keyword. After the invention of Hummingbird and RankBrain algorithms, Google is very smart enough to know the context and understand all these semantically related keywords and rank you better in the search result pages for these keywords. Google mainly carried out this program to fight against the spammers that are trying to cheat the search engine by using keyword stuffing.

Now you understood the importance of the LSI Keywords. Now the fun part starts with LSI keywords generator tool like Let’s head over to and do some keyword research to find gold mines of keywords. Let’s see the LSI keywords example, assume that we are an SEO agency and finding LSI keywords for “on-page seo”. Type the keyword, on page seo and clear the captcha then hit generate and you get the results with different variations or related search keyword for on page seo. Below is the screenshot with variant and related keywords.

LSI Graph - LSI Keyword Generator

SEOChat – Google Keyword Suggest Tool

SEO chat is another free keyword research tool. Go here SEO Chat Tool, and enter your product/service primary keyword and hit search. The tool will create a list of the most popular keyword phrases that all starts with your primary keyword.

This free keyword suggestion tool has the capability to give you the list of keywords specific to search engines like Google, Bing, Amazon, and YouTube. It means the user’s context would be different when searching on these engines. So you could try using these keywords in your content marketing across various search engines.

Let’s say for Google and Bing the user intent might be to know more about the product, reviews and then decide to buy. Whereas in the Amazon they search with the intent to buy more of commercial purpose. And for YouTube complete different keywords like entertaining commercials, comparison with other products etc.

I have run an example search for the keyword “running shoes” and found different keyword suggestions for each search engine. Take a look at the screenshot below. There are about 700 keywords, but I am showing only a few keywords as an example in the screenshot.

Google Keyword Suggest Tool

This tool is completely unique in representing the keyword data unlike the other keyword tools. Go over to, and hit a keyword relevant to your industry. For this article purpose, I have chosen the keyword “playstation 4” to see how deep we can get the keywords and their variations.

After entering the keyword hit enter. Now, you would see 3 different types of keyword data, like Questions, Prepositions, and Alphabetical.

When you scroll down to Questions tab, you see the keywords which are actually typed in the search engines in a question format. This data has shown in a nice visualisation manner (You can also view the data in text format. Click on the “Data” tab.). These question keywords give you an insight that users are asking their questions in search engines to find the answers for them.

Have a look at all these surprising question keywords and see how you can target those keywords in your content marketing strategy. Now you got unique Good Type of Keyword Ideas, isn’t it? No, other keyword suggestion tools will provide this data. So make use of these type of keywords.

Answerthepublic Question Visualisation

When you scroll further you will find the keywords with Preposition.

What is Preposition?

A word that combines with a noun or pronoun or noun phrase to form a prepositional phrase that can have an adverbial or adjectival relation to some other word

You view the data again in both visualisation and Data format. So, go over and analyse the keywords and select them that are specific to your business to drive relevant traffic to your site.

Answerthepublic Preposition Visualisation

Finally, when you scroll furthermore you can see the keywords in the alphabetical order. Unfortunately, we don’t have any download option to save it into excel. So do it by hand by doing copy paste the keywords into excel and then filter out the keywords that are useful for your online website.

Google Trends

If you are a small business owner running a flower bouquet shop and wanted to start an online website, and not sure what keywords to target?

Without hesitation, Go to Google Trends Tool to see the interest over time for your keywords, which regions are having more interest in your products, and what are the related searches for your product keywords. I am damn sure that you would get great insights from this tool and get more value of it.

Now go to above link and type in the keyword flower bouquet. Before hitting enter, set your Region, Date Range, Category your business is in, and the type of search. Now you hit enter for the results. A nice graph with interest over time will show up to see the popular or unpopular is that keyword.

Google Trends Keyword Tool

Scroll down to see the data with the Regional interest with a map on your left and Region/City names on your right.

Google Trends Keyword Tool Regional Interest

Scroll to the bottom to see the related searches with Top and Rising keywords.

Google Trends Keyword Tool Related Searches

Finally, you can also compare the keywords and look at their trends, regional interest and Related searches for both the keywords.

Google Trends Keyword Tool Compare

Where to include keywords?

You can include the main keywords in the below SEO elements.

On-Page SEO:

  • URL
  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Beginning of your body content say in between 100 words
  • Header Tags and Sub-heading tags
  • End of the paragraph in article or post or page
  • ALT Image
  • Anchor texts (Internal links)

Off-Page SEO:

  • Build backlinks using different anchor texts, don’t build links using the same keyword. If you use the same keyword, then Anchor Text Diversity percentage will be more and you may be hit by Penguin and lose your rankings. So, MIX UP YOUR ANCHORS
  • Write a quality Guest post content and use related keywords throughout the article to link back to your site

I hope you find some best source to find the keywords for your business for free. Let me know if you know any other free keyword tools you are using and providing value to your business. Thanks for reading the article. I would really appreciate if you share this article to our digital marketing buddies. Please share your comments in the below section.

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